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The 10 loveliest castles with gardens in Limburg

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022

10 Castles with gardens in Limburg

You’ll feel like royalty visiting one of Limburg’s many enchanting castles. As icing on the cake, some also have splendid castle gardens that are open to the public. Castle gardens were once a status symbol or private retreat, as well as a place to grow herbs or vegetables. Remarkably, some castle gardens continue to flourish even hundreds of years later.

A castle’s grounds may be more worth visiting than the castle itself. The ideal outing is to visit a castle or chateau with a magnificent garden. There are castles with gardens all over the Province of Limburg. We list 8 that will give you a warm welcome, even if you aren’t royalty.

Kasteeltuinen Arcen by fall

Arcen Castle Gardens

The gardens in Arcen are so overwhelming that you’ll almost forget about the castle. Go ahead and admire its collection of paintings, but be sure to leave plenty of time for the vast castle gardens. It will take you a full day to see everything. Sniff roses in the Rose Garden or wander into enchanting Lommerijk Park, where you might just come across a flock of flamingos. Have you added Arcen to your list?

Kasteelpark Born playpark

Born Castle Park


This castle garden is one giant menagerie! Come see the swans, deer, alpacas, porcupines and monkeys that make their home around the ruins of Born Castle. See exotic animals from the tropics and have a cup of coffee in the sun while your kids romp in the playground.

Castle of Montfort

Castle of Montfort

For centuries, Montfort Castle was one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. The castle dates from the year 1260, when it was built by Hendrik van Gelre. The castle is unique because of its location, floor plan and materials. A visit to Montfort Castle can be perfectly combined with an interesting walking or cycling tour through the Heerlickheit Montfort. After completing one of the walking or cycling routes, you can have a drink on the terrace of the castle. Do you want to discover even more of the castle? Then you can choose to take a tour with an enthusiastic castle guide. A tour takes about 1.5 hours.

Castlel Oud-Valkenburg

Castle Garden Oud-valkenburg

In this classic castle garden, which once belonged to the romantic (private) castle Schaloen, the vegetation is still quite original: wild plants, herbs, old agricultural crops… The mill also reflects life back then, now a permanent art exhibition can be visited here. There is also an apiary, a baking oven and children can do a fun, free treasure hunt.

Castle TerWorm

TerWorm Castle

This jewel of a castle is hidden away in a woodland on the outskirts of Heerlen. The surrounding gardens are open to the public and feature a fountain and an Orangery that has become a popular wedding location. Try a romantic picnic for two in the original French Rococo garden.


Castle Vaalsbroek

Vaalsbroek Castle

The imposing castle was built by a wealthy German cloth merchant who brought industry and prosperity to Vaals. He had just one hobby: he was an avid collector of exotic flora, which he planted in his luxuriant park. We can still admire his collection today for free in the well-kept castle garden. 

Château St.Gerlach

Château St.Gerlach

Hoping for a breath-taking castle experience? Then visit Château St. Gerlach in Houthem. It has everything: a beautifully ornamented church, a historic farmhouse, an impressive chateau, a pavilion, terraces, a sculpture garden, a rose garden, vineyards, a vegetable garden, and an orchard, surrounded on all sides by Ingendael nature reserve. All the gardens are open to the public free of charge and the café, Burgemeester Quicx, Coffee & More, is the ideal spot for artisanal coffee and a bite to eat.

Castle Wijlre

Wijlre Castle and Estate

Wijlre Castle is still home to its owners but has been open to the public since 2019. Both the castle and the surrounding estate are well worth a visit. Art aficionados will fall in love with the Hedge House art gallery but there are also modern sculptures integrated into the garden. Take a guided tour of the estate and learn more about the artwork. There are also several fascinating routes you can follow, including a Discover Art Route for children.


Château Neercanne

Château Neercanne

Situated in the southernmost tip of Limburg, impressive Château Neercanne is set among terraced Baroque gardens that now have UNESCO status. It is the only castle in the Netherlands with gardens of this kind, forming a graceful, majestic ensemble adorned with classical statuary. The chateau and its gardens hardly seem Dutch at all (and no wonder, since the castle is just a few metres from the Belgian border). 

Kasteel Hoensbroek

Hoensbroek Castle

One of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Europe. Adventures from distant pasts come to life in this huge castle with more than forty rooms. This castle does not have a large castle garden. But the imposing view from the inner and outer courtyard and the beautiful surroundings with the Geleenbeek are definitely worth a visit!