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About In Limburg

About In Limburg and its affiliated social media channels are owned and operated by the Province of Limburg. All content on this website and on its social media channels is editorial in nature and has been selected and written by our InLimburg editors. Their main aim is to inspire and inform tourists who are visiting or thinking of visiting Limburg.

How we choose articles

We apply our editorial approach to all our channels so as to maintain a consistent, realistic and appealing representation of Limburg as a tourist destination. We do this by focusing on stories concerning one or more of our five strategic themes: City & Culture, Active & Adventure, Food & Gastronomy, Relaxing & Nature, and Biking & Cycling.

Besides reflecting at least one of these themes, our articles should be about experiences open to potential visitors to Limburg as a tourist destination. Some articles deal with major, popular attractions and have a wide appeal. In other cases, we seek out small, local gems and take readers off the beaten path. This allows us to create a multifaceted picture of Limburg as a tourist destination, in line with our marketing strategy.

InLimburg features the best and most enjoyable and interesting experiences that Limburg has to offer. Our choices are based on personal experience, reviews and other media publications, as well as input from local tourist offices and other tourist organisations. We are aware that this is a subjective approach and may be subject to change. The information is accurate at the time of publication, but we advise you to verify it before your visit. Should you come across any incorrect or outdated information, please let us know.

Our editorial policy

InLimburg is based on the principle of editorial discretion. In other words, our editors are free to decide which stories we tell on the InLimburg channels. Limburg is a tourist destination that offers a wide and diverse range of activities, events and impressions. It is certainly not our aim to describe them all, but rather to highlight certain carefully chosen experiences.

How we respond to questions

We reserve the right to moderate and remove comments on our social media channels that do not respect general principles of good etiquette and media guidelines. We try to respond to every question posed on our social media, but we also make use of our community. Depending on a visitor’s needs, we refer queries to relevant parties in Limburg that have more information on a topic by linking to their websites.


Do you have any tips for this website? For example, a location or activity that we may have overlooked? Then let us know by emailing us at We will contact you if we decide to follow up on your tip or mention it on our site.