10 cultural days out in Limburg

10 cultural days out in Limburg

Limburg is a province of enormous cultural diversity. And we’re not just talking about its abundant traditions – we also mean its countless cultural sites and events. You can’t go wrong when you come to Limburg for culture. From music festivals to museums, Limburg has something for everyone. Here are 10 cultural days out in Limburg.

10. Open Air Museum de Locht

What was life on the farm like in North Limburg from 1850 to 1950? Find out at Open Air Museum de Locht in Melderslo. De Locht isn’t some stuffy little museum but a place that brings history to life with demonstrations, workshops and other activities. A delightful cultural day out for kids!

Open Air Museum de Locht

9. Contemporary music venues in Limburg

Whether it's Venlo, Weert, Roermond, Sittard, Maastricht or Heerlen, every major town in Limburg has a thriving contemporary music scene with great concerts almost all year round. Whether you fancy rock, pop, dance or hip-hop, try Grenswerk, Bosuil, ECI Cultuurfabriek, Volt, Muziekgieterij or Nieuwe Nor and you’ll have a fantastic time!

8. Het Parcours Maastricht

Held annually in late August/early September, Het Parcours kicks off Maastricht’s cultural season. Spend a weekend sampling this smorgasbord of cultural delights free of charge, with everything from drama to musicals and from fine art to comedy. Stroll around and get to know the best of Maastricht in the arts and culture. It’s is the perfect excuse for a cultural weekend break.

7. Limburg Festival

The Limburg Festival presents extraordinary performances in out-of-the-ordinary settings in central Limburg. Held annually in early August, it boasts a wide variety of shows, everything from experimental dance to children's theatre and from opera to musical comedy. Each one is staged in an unexpected place: a gravel pit, a riverbank, a school, a stables, an industrial site or a town square.

Due to the corona measures, the Limburg Festival has been canceled in 2020.

Limburg Festival (© Johan Horst Fotografie)

6. Roman Catacombs Museum Valkenburg aan de Geul

The Roman Catacombs Museum takes you back to the days of the Roman Empire. The main part of the museum consists of Roman crypts faithfully recreated in the underground caverns of Valkenburg in south Limburg, part of an historic museum complex designed by renowned Limburg architect Pierre Cuypers. A new gallery featuring contemporary exhibitions links past and present. A truly fascinating day out in the south Limburg Downs!

The Roman Catacombs Museum

5. Pinkpop Festival

The Pinkpop Festival needs no introduction: it’s famous well beyond the boundaries of Landgraaf, south Limburg. Pinkpop is the oldest music festival in Europe and always attracts big-name acts, including such luminaries as Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones. Thinking of going to the Pinkpop Festival? Bear in mind that it no longer takes place over the long Whitsun weekend.

Due to the corona measures, Pinkpop has been canceled in 2020.

4. Limburg Museum Venlo

Looking for a cultural day out that the whole family will enjoy? Then head for the Limburg Museum in Venlo. Its exhibitions and events have enormous popular appeal and often feature famous names or highlight familiar themes, for example Limburg’s liberation from Nazi occupation 75 years ago. The museum is very easy to reach; it’s located opposite Venlo railway station.

3. Bonnefanten Maastricht

A visit to Maastricht’s Bonnefanten museum will gladden the heart of every art enthusiast. It is renowned for forging links between the world of art and the communities that it serves. Its exhibitions discuss art as a product of its time, probing well beyond the objects themselves. The museum building, designed by the world-renowned architect Aldo Rossi, is an artwork in itself.

Bonnefanten museum Maastricht

2. Summer Park Festival

Venlo's Summer Park Festival takes place annually in the middle of August. This is culture in the broadest sense of the word, encompassing theatre, music, literature, art and learning over a 4-day period. It’s a wonderful cultural day out for children of all ages. Be sure to take your kids to the children’s programme on Sunday afternoon. And if you’re wondering how you’re going to pay for it all: the Summer Park Festival is free of charge!

Due to the corona measures, the Summer Park Festival will be canceled in 2020.

1. Cultura Nova Heerlen

For a few days of summer each year, Heerlen transforms itself into the cultural capital of Limburg. Cultura Nova is a cross-border cultural festival focusing on theatre, music and visual arts. The city of Heerlen and environs offer a rewarding backdrop for countless performances, concerts and exhibitions. Cultura Nova is international, spectacular and trailblazing. It also gives young local artistes an opportunity to introduce their work to a broad audience.

Due to the corona measures, Cultura Nova is moved to December in 2020.

Cultura Nova (© Luc Lodder Fotografie)