10 most Instagram-worthy streets in Limburg

10 most Instagram-worthy streets in Limburg

Instagram is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for travellers. And thanks to location tagging, you know precisely where every snapshot was taken. Save it to your ‘Limburg’ folder and make your next trip to Limburg Instragram-worthy. We’ll help you get started. Do you know where this Instagram post was taken in…


Maastricht has dozens of idyllic little streets, too many to show here. Do you know where this photograph was taken?


Not an historic street this time, but one of the city’s newest. A view across Maankwartier, the brand-new area around the railway station designed by architect and artist Michel Huisman.


The warm marlstone and historic buildings of Valkenburg are always good for an Instagrammable photograph or two. This tranquil lane runs parallel to Valkenburg’s high street, Grotestraat.


Blue sky bursts between the dark clouds in this charming snap of historic downtown Sittard. Can’t you just see yourself walking straight into this picture?


Oud-Elsloo is an overlooked source of stunning Instagram photos. It’s as if you’ve travelled back to the Middle Ages, strolling past ancient houses on a narrow cobbled street that leads to a magnificent castle and the river Maas.


What’s the first thing you do when you walk into this photograph? Why, you take a seat in the café and enjoy Venlo’s warm embrace.


Even in the rain, Weert’s modern shopping district is inviting. The photographer got down on their knees for this Instagram post, but the result is worth it!


The Maas isn’t on this photograph but this really is Roermond’s Maas Quay, the place to go for a culinary treat after a day of shopping in the historic city centre or the designer outlet centre.


Thorn may be a small ‘white town’, but it’s one big Instagrammable paradise. There are dozens of Instagram-worthy views of streams, flowers, squares, outdoor cafes and splendid buildings, each one more charming than the last.

Sint Odiliënberg

We reckon you’ve never been here, and that’s a shame. Sint Odiliënberg is one of the most attractive villages in the Netherlands. For starters, it has a splendid basilica set in green surroundings. We’ll let you discover the rest for yourself!

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