7 fun days out on the water in Limburg

7 fun days out on the water in Limburg

Splashing, diving, swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, rafting – everything’s possible in Limburg. Most people don’t associate the province with water sports, but that’s set to change. After all, Limburg boasts the Maasplassen lakes, a mecca for water sports enthusiasts, and a substantial list of subtropical indoor swimming pools. So dive into Limburg for a fun day out on the water!

Indoor swimming pools

If you’re half fish and can’t get enough of swimming, then come to Limburg for pools of every type and size. You can swim year-round in its numerous indoor facilities, including fun-filled subtropical pools. There are slides, wave pools, white-water rapids and paddling pools for the little ones... so get out your swimsuit now!

Here’s a list of the best subtropical swimming pools around Limburg:

Outdoor swimming pools

There’s nothing better than swimming outdoors in nice weather. Whether you prefer natural waters or a pool, Limburg has it all. Most subtropical pools have a sun terrace, but it’s hard to beat an outdoor pool in summer. There’s De Schatberg in Sevenum (with indoor and outdoor pools and natural waters), the smaller De Bosberg in Swalmen and a classic kids’ paradise at Steinerbos, a gigantic woodland playground and swimming pool rolled into one.

Swimming in natural waters

Limburg has several recreational lakes for swimmers who also want to enjoy idyllic natural surroundings. Besides a subtropical pool, Breebronne in Maasbree has a lake fed with water from a natural spring. If beaches are your passion, then head for Fun Beach & Event Leisurepark in Heel or Fun Valley in Maastricht. Besides swimming, both parks have other fun activities to keep you entertained. If you prefer something lower key, then visit one of the smaller beaches in Maasgouw.


The interconnected lakes of the Maasplassen in Roermond are the biggest playground for water sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands! The list of fun activities is endless, but one of the most popular is boating. Don’t have a boat of your own? Then how about renting a motorboat, sailboat or sloop? Many of the smaller boats do not require a sailing licence. The rental company will help you cast off, even if you’ve never sailed before.

Local scuba diving

Are you passionate about scuba diving? Then come to one of Limburg’s best-kept secrets: Duiklocatie Boschmolenplas. The crystal-clear lake measures about a kilometre in diameter and offers a varied, pleasant diving experience. More and more scuba divers are discovering this spot. How about you?

Canoeing, kayaking and rafting

Canoeing, kayaking and rafting are classic fine-weather water sports in Limburg. That’s largely thanks to the river Maas, which enters the province south of Maastricht and only leaves it again at its northern tip. Let the current carry you along in your canoe, kayak or raft. Want to combine an exhilarating trip on the Maas with a hike or bike ride to the starting point? Then check out the various options at Kano & Rafting Maastricht and explore the Maas along the Dutch-Belgian border.

Cable skiing

De IJzeren Man Swimming Pool in Weert has an 800-metre-long cable skiing track that some water-skiing professionals say is the best in the Netherlands. Although it is an official competition course, beginners can also learn to water ski here. Use of the cable skiing facility also includes admission to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools for a full day of fun! And even if you’re not interested water skiing, De IJzeren Man is well worth exploring for anyone who loves water sports and being out in nature.

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