Adrenaline-rush adventures that you probably haven’t tried yet

Adrenaline-rush adventures that you probably haven’t tried yet

Are you an adrenaline junky eager to test the limits in Limburg? You may think you’ve done it all, but we have a few high-octane adventures up our sleeve that you probably haven't tried yet. Lock yourself up in the best escape rooms in the Netherlands, defy your fear of heights, or hold on to your nerve in the dark...

You’ll find excitement and thrills all across Limburg once you know where to go: underground, below the surface of the water, or locked up in an old cinema. Call your bravest friends and plan an outing that none of you will forget.

Mountain biking, underground

Explore centuries-old underground caverns on a special shaft-driven mountain bike at ASP Adventure in Valkenburg. Your guide will keep you from getting lost in the endless maze of dark corridors and the headlamp on your bike will light up every twist and turn.

Climbing, in a big way

Climbing gyms abound, but a climbing experience outdoors is another thing altogether. If you've climbed before and want to take it to the next level, then try the biggest outdoor climbing park in Europe, Adventure Valley in Landgraaf. Hurtle along 1000-metre ziplines, jump on the Alpine coaster, and try six different climbing routes, each one more difficult than the next. Is it raining? Then head next door to SnowWorld Landgraaf and strap on a pair of skis for an indoor thrill.

Escape rooms, with a twist

It’s more than a fad. Escape rooms are here to stay. If you love being locked up, cracking codes and searching for clues, then you’re bound to enjoy yourself in Limburg. Two adrenaline-inducing escape rooms are located in Valkenburg and in Horst aan de Maas.

Scary, with a laugh

Experience excitement in its purest form when you visit the Haunted Cave. What starts out as an ordinary guided tour of Valkenburg’s underground caverns soon takes a gruesome turn. The tour is a real test of nerves, but it will tickle your funny bone too.

Scuba diving, in the neighbourhood

Do you have a diving certificate but only scuba dive when you’re on holiday in the tropics? Then get to know Duiklocatie Boschmolenplas. Natural filtration ensures good visibility (up to 12 metres), and while there's no colourful coral, there’s still plenty to see and explore, including a wealth of aquatic flora and fauna and all sorts of interesting old objects to dive to on the bottom. This is a true gem of a diving centre that is growing increasingly popular with scuba divers in the Netherlands and abroad.

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