The best places to shop in Limburg

The best places to shop in Limburg

Love shopping but unsure where to go? Leave the crowds in Amsterdam behind and come to Limburg. Explore its dazzling array of shops and help yourself to some local joie de vivre with a delectable lunch or a delicious cup of coffee. If you’re a bargain hunter, then you won’t want to miss one of Europe’s biggest designer outlets right in the middle of Limburg…

There’s no end to the variety of shops in Limburg. Mad about designer labels and discounts? Then visit Designer Outlet Roermond. Prefer major retail chains and posh boutiques against the backdrop of a historic city centre? Then plan a city trip to Maastricht. Want to keep it small, personal and classy? Then head for Valkenburg. Ready to shop till you drop? Then explore Venlo. Need a new chest of drawers for all your new purchases? Then load up the car at Woonboulevard Heerlen. Read on to learn more about the best places to shop in Limburg.

Roermond: Designer Outlet

Designer Outlet in Roermond is one of the biggest crowd pleasers in the Netherlands and a dream come true for every fervent fashionista. It’s a city within a city: 186 shops and top fashion labels, all available at major discounts.

Visitors from around the world come here to bargain hunt. You’ll find all the big names, including Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Armani, as well as smaller, more exclusive labels. And while you’re there, treat yourself at one of the many restaurants or head for Roermond’s city centre for more fun shopping.

Maastricht: Limburg’s retail paradise

Spend a day shopping in a city like none other. There’s the high street, De Grote Staat; charming squares with outdoor cafes; exclusive boutiques in and around Stokstraat; no less than two indoor shopping centres, Entre Deux and Mosae Forum; and the hippest area of all, Wyck.

Maastricht is one of the best cities in the Netherlands for shopping. It has so much to explore that a single day isn’t really enough. Why not turn your outing into a city trip and enjoy magical Maastricht’s fine restaurants and sparkling nightlife too?

Valkenburg: Unexplored gem

It may not be the first place that springs to mind, but Valkenburg is a great place for shopping. Because tourism as the town’s raison d’être, shops are open almost every day, even on Sundays. You’ll be amazed by the many small boutiques whose dedicated owners will welcome and assist you personally. Whether you’re looking for fashion, home accessories, local produce or gifts, Valkenburg’s shops are a delight. And its historic town centre will put you right in a holiday mood.

Venlo: Versatile and vibrant

Venlo is a mecca for shoppers in north Limburg. Situated along the river, the brand-new Maasboulevard has given the city centre everything for a great day of shopping. Go there for major retail chains and high-street brands, or head for the historic town centre for deluxe boutiques and specialty shops. Don’t forget to take a break at one of the charming little cafes or restaurants. Venlo is unique in the Netherlands because of the many shops attractive to German customers – after all, Germany is right next door.

Heerlen: Home & lifestyle

Conveniently located just off the motorway, Europe’s largest home furnishings centre is never far away. It’s ideal if you need a big new chest of drawers after your shopping spree in Limburg. It’s also the place to go if you want to give your bedroom, living room, loft, kitchen or garden a facelift. You’ll find everything you need here: building materials, kitchen appliances, flooring, furniture, paint, interior accessories, and more. You’ll find loads of interior and lifestyle ideas at Woonboulevard Heerlen and the nice thing is, you can make your dreams come true right on the spot!

Now that you know the best places to shop in Limburg, you can start planning your next trip. Where will you go? Roermond, Maastricht, Valkenburg, Venlo, Heerlen, or somewhere else? Share your ultimate shopping trip in Limburg using #inLimburg and let us in on your secrets.