Boating on the Maasplassen lakes: 5 tips before you cast off

The panoramic lakes that make up the Maasplassen are ideal for boating, with their splendid views of unspoilt nature and charming townscapes. They will gladden the heart of anyone who loves messing about in boats, even if you’re simply a passenger. Here are 5 tips for exploring the Maasplassen lakes by boat. Ahoy!

1. Rent a sloop or boat

Do you enjoy being at the helm of your own sloop or boat and charting a course across the Maasplassen? Then rent a sloop or motorboat from one of many rental companies along the lakes. Tourist Information for central Limburg (VVV Midden-Limburg) has put together a list for you. If you prefer a more energetic passage across the Maasplassen, then hire a canoe instead!

2. Take a boat tour

Prefer not to operate the helm, oars or paddles yourself? Don’t worry. Boat tours depart from various places around the lakes and will take you to every corner of the lake district. Most start at Roermond's Roerkade quay, the marina in Maasbracht, or the nearby villages of Neer and Kessel. Tourist Information for central Limburg (VVV-Midden Limburg) has put together a handy list for you.

3. Go sailing

Let the wind drive your boat across the lake. Learn to sail or rent a sailboat at Frissen sailing school in Roermond. Children as young as 7 are welcome to take lessons, and the school also offers 3-day sailing courses. And if you don’t have a sailing licence, you can still explore the lakes accompanied by a guide.

4. Explore Limburg with the Maasplassen as your base

The Maasplassen lake district is a splendid base for exploring the river Maas up and down Limburg. The lakes are located more or less in the middle of the province. Go south and you can explore the Dutch-Belgian border and Maastricht; head north and you come to Venlo and the Maas dunes. But even if you’d rather not venture so far, there’s plenty to do on the Maasplassen lakes.

5. Sleep on your boat

Planning a longer stay in the Maasplassen lake district? Then spend the night on your own boat in one of the many marinas dotted around shore. Each one offers outstanding amenities and guaranteed privacy. Check out Holland Marinas for information on the luxury marina near Roermond town centre or Stevensweert’s serene little harbour.