Limburg is renowned for its food. But why?

Limburg is renowned for its food. But why?

Limburg has an excellent culinary reputation. And while it’s most famous for its regional delicacies, it also abounds in gastronomic flair. There are numerous establishments throughout the province that offer a fine-dining experience. Read on to find out why Limburg’s unique food culture is worth a special trip.

The people of Limburg have a reputation for enjoying life. They pay attention to the things that matter and take life at a slightly more leisurely pace. Limburg has always had closer ties with southern Europe than the rest of the Netherlands, and its cuisine is heavily influenced by Belgian and French culture. Good food is important here and people lavish more attention on ingredients, preparation, and dining – which they prefer to do with friends and bottle of wine from a local vineyard.

5 reasons to explore gastronomy in Limburg:

Reason no. 1

Pure ingredients, locally sourced

Skilled cooks in Limburg never need look far for fresh, local ingredients. Both the sandy soils in the north and the calcareous and loess soils in the south produce the finest fruit and vegetables, from asparagus to grapes, apples, pears, cherries and blueberries. Cattle graze on the lush calcareous grasslands covered with flowers and herbs. Much of the produce of the land is worked into regional products prepared according to centuries-old tradition. That includes wine, beer, apple treacle, pastry and a range of traditional meat specialties, such as blood sausage and brawn. Gourmet cooks and pastry chefs make grateful use of this abundance, and so should you.

Grapes from Limburg

Reason no. 2

Unparalleled craftsmanship

Limburg’s food culture has attracted some of the most talented chefs in the Netherlands. They see Limburg as a crossroads of differing culinary traditions and the ultimate in gastronomic playgrounds. Several restaurants, including Beluga loves you (Maastricht), De Leuf (Ubachsberg), Sabero (Roermond), Marrees (Weert), Da Vinci (Maasbracht) and Valuas (Venlo), employ top chefs in their kitchens. Each one draws inspiration from Limburg in his or her own way and is helping to put the province on the culinary map. Recently, a Specialised Chef course was launched in Venlo to train tomorrow’s rising stars in Dutch Cuisine.

Restaurant Marrees

Reason no. 3


Fine dining is even finer in the right setting, of course. In Limburg, picturesque landscapes and charming architecture – much of it historic – combine to make the perfect setting for a top culinary experience. Dreamlike views over the Maas, the magnificence of a castle hall, the crackle of an open hearth in a renovated Limburg the setting is every bit as luxurious as the cuisine. The experience doesn’t end when you’re finished eating.

Reason no. 4

Hospitality and expert advice

In Limburg, you are a valued guest. Restaurants will do everything possible to cater for your preferences. The staff will give you a warm welcome and advise you if need be, for example by recommending the best wines to accompany your meal. The right combination of food and wine can lead to delightful new culinary discoveries! One restaurant that offers all these ingredients (a gastronomic menu, local wines and personal attention) is Mes Amis in Maastricht.

Reason no. 5

A long list of Michelin-starred restaurants

Prefer to play it safe and sample the very best that Limburg has to offer? Then you can always fall back on the Michelin Guide (and its stars) and Bib Gourmands (excellent value for money). A new Guide is published every year, of course, but there are always plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from in Limburg. See the Michelin website for the most up-to-date list.

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