Six of the best walks in Limburg

Limburg is fantastic for hiking no matter where you go, but where are the best routes and trails in north, central and south Limburg? We’ve selected 6 unique themed walks that highlight the province’s cultural traditions and history. From De Groote Peel to Eijsden, here are the best places to walk or hike in Limburg.

Boardwalk Route

Enjoy De Groote Peel

De Groote Peel is a national park and for good reason. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and is a place of great scenic beauty. The park’s marshland landscape is fairly new, the result of extensive peat cutting.

The boardwalks are an original element, constructed to make the bogs and marshy areas more accessible. Raised walkways of this kind are an ancient tradition going back to Roman times. Much of the Boardwalk Route makes use of these walkways and they afford splendid views of De Groote Peel.

Schraven’s Way

A path strewn with roses

This homage to Bishop Frans Schraven, Schraven’s Way, is strewn with roses. You will learn about the life of Monsignor Schraven and get to know Lottum, the Rose Village. The route begins at the bishop’s family home and passes delightful small chapels and splendid displays of roses.

The Asparagus Path

Track Limburg’s ‘White Gold’

There is only one place this walk could begin: Grubbenvorst, the epicentre of Limburg’s asparagus-growing region. As you walk the Asparagus Path, you will get a good idea of how asparagus is cultivated or – if you come in May and June – how it is harvested. The route takes you past an abstract sculpture of asparagus that also functions as a sundial indicating the beginning and end of the asparagus-growing season. End your walk at an outdoor café in Grubbenvorst and sample the very best of this regional delicacy!

Million Guilder Route

Industrial heritage from the Age of Steam

This remarkable trail is not just for railway enthusiasts, but they will certainly get an extra kick out of the Million Guilder Route. It did indeed cost millions of guilders in the 19thcentury to construct this railway line through the hills and valleys of south Limburg. It is now operated as a heritage railway. The rolling stock includes an original steam train, a wonderful sight as it chugs through the undulating countryside. The Million Guilder Route will acquaint you with this magical landscape.

Brigands’ Route

In the footsteps of a mythical band of brigands

If anything in Limburg’s history appeals to the imagination, it’s the mysterious band of brigands known as the ‘Billy Goat Riders’ (Bokkenrijders), said to have flown through the air on the backs of billy goats, like the Devil himself. They roamed Limburg and terrorised the local population in the 18thcentury. Although the danger has passed, the narrow woodland trails and paths around Rolduc Abbey on the Brigands’ Route are as mysterious as ever.

Blossom Route

Nature celebrates as you walk

It’s worth waiting for just the right moment. That’s usually sometime in April, depending on the weather. Then nature busts forth, making the Blossom Route around Eijsden-Margraten one of the most beautiful walking routes in the Netherlands. You’ll pass orchards full of pink or white blossoms and, towards the end of the blossoming season, find yourself surrounded by ‘flurries’ of petals. Starting your walk a bit too early or too late in the year? Don’t worry. This route is worth exploring in every season.

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