Which museums in Limburg are worth a trip?

Which museums in Limburg are worth a trip?

Fortunately, there’s no one answer to the question above. Limburg has dozens of fascinating and inspiring museums. And while paintings and sculpture of every period and school are well represented, there is more to Limburg’s museums than art alone. The province is also home to award-winning children's museums, history museums and heritage sites. Read on for more inspiration!

Did you know that Limburg has its own Museum Square, just like Amsterdam? That it has rare and precious artworks that are the envy of many a museum? That it is rich in heritage sites, with museums housed in old mine shafts, castles, monasteries and underground caverns? Don't wait for a rainy Sunday. Read through our list, because you’re sure to find a museum in Limburg that you won't want to miss.

You love art

Then you’re in luck, because you can go anywhere in the province. Start in Maastricht and whet your appetite by admiring Bonnefantenmuseum’s extensive permanent collection, including fine examples of early Italian and Southern Netherlandish art and works by Rubens, Pieter Brueghel the Younger and other celebrated artists. The museum’s changing exhibitions are of an equally high standard.

Prefer modern art? Then visit the SCHUNCK Museum on the lower level of the renowned Glaspaleis Building in Heerlen. It has one large gallery with changing exhibitions that are always worth a look, and a new gallery featuring works by Limburg artist Aad de Haas. Sittard’s Domijnen Museum has a remarkable collection of contemporary art both inside and outside its historical museum building.

Venlo's Museum van Bommel van Dam has a large collection of modern and contemporary art, mainly by Dutch artists. And hidden away in the south Limburg Downs is the Kasteel Wijlre Estate, whose green, lush surroundings and stunning art pavilion are a sanctuary for lovers of modern art.


You revere heritage

Limburg has a long and fabled history and, fortunately, it has managed to preserve much of the past. The foundations of what was once the largest Roman-era edifice in the Netherlands can be found in Heerlen's Thermen Museum. Admire the remains of an impressive Roman bathhouse and immerse yourself in the Roman culture of the region. Sticking with the Roman theme, we also recommend the Roman Catacombs in Valkenburg. Descend underground to see how the Romans paid their respects to the dead.

The Netherlands Mine Museum in Heerlen sheds light on a fascinating episode of Dutch history unfamiliar to most people outside the Netherlands. For decades, thousands of miners descended into the koel(the pit) to mine the fuel that kept the entire country running. The museum is located in an old mine shaft with a lift and boasts a collection of working machinery.

Curious about the religious history of Limburg? Then a trip to Thorn, the 'white town', will make a great day out. Visit the Thorn Abbey Church Museum to acquaint yourself with the sublime church and the unique history of the abbey and the town.

You enjoy soaking up local culture

Wherever you go, you're eager to immerse yourself in local culture and history. One of the best places to do that in Limburg is The museum of Limburg in Venlo and the Historiehuis history museum in Roermond. Located in the heart of the province and Roermond city centre, it has a fascinating permanent exhibition, free of charge, that recounts the city's turbulent history. Find out why Roermond differs so much from other Dutch towns and why it was captivated by glass.

Prefer something even more local? Elsloo Regional Museum will show you just how fascinating the history of a village can be. Admire the archaeological remains of Europe's very first farmers, the Neolithic Linear Pottery Culture. The museum also has period rooms furnished with authentic objects. Certainly worth a visit!

Local culture meets nature in rural Melderslo, where you will find yourself in a typical northern Limburg village of a century ago at Open Air Museum de Locht. Concerts, exhibitions and other events make this historic village anything but sleepy.

Limburg has many more museums. Go on a cultural journey of discovery in our province and share your museum visit using #InLimburg on social media.

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