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Explore these cities in Limburg

Gepubliceerd op: 14 October 2022

Explore these cities in Limburg

Looking for a fun day out in the Netherlands? Limburg has the greatest cities, each one unique in its own way. They’re spread throughout the province, from Venlo and Weert in the north to Roermond in the centre and Sittard, Heerlen and Maastricht in the south. Each one makes for a great day out, so explore them all!

Limburg-style hospitality, fine dining, exclusive boutiques, fascinating museums, historic buildings – everything that makes for a great day out in the Netherlands you’ll find in Limburg’s towns and cities. From Venlo in the north to Maastricht in the south and everything in between, they’re easy to reach by train or car. Having trouble deciding which city in Limburg to explore? Here’s a list to help you.


Vibrant Venlo

Venlo is north Limburg at its best. It has a lovely old city centre and a wealth of boutiques and specialty shops. If you're passionate about shopping, you'll adore Maasboulevard, a spacious, modern retail paradise right on the banks of the Maas, complete with lively riverside cafés. Or are you a culture vulture? Then be sure to check out the Limburgs MuseumTheater de Maaspoort or the contemporary music venue Poppodium Grenswerk.

What’s unique about Venlo?

The German District, the area surrounding the well-stocked Die Zwei Brüder von Venlo supermarket. It’s usually flooded with German bargain hunters sampling pommes(chips), buying coffee in bulk and soaking up the quintessentially Dutch atmosphere. But you don’t have to be German to enjoy yourself there.


Undiscovered Weert

It would a shame to skip over Weert, the Gateway to Limburg. Although it’s on a smaller scale, its compact town centre has everything: shops, a market square with outdoor cafés, and a marina with temporary berths just a short walk away. Eager to discover Weert’s hidden treasures? Then book a guided tour.

What’s unique about Weert?

For locals, the answer is obvious: the best vlaai – a fruit tart that’s a Limburg speciality – is made in Weert. Known as Weerter vlaai, it was long the city’s most famous export product, thanks in part to Antje Hendrix, a local woman who peddled her home-made tarts to rail passengers until 1926. Celebrated as an early ambassador for Weert, ‘Antje van de Statie’ has a statue erected in her honour. Enjoy a slice of Weerter vlaai in one of the many outdoor cafés.

City of Roermond

Retail heaven in Roermond

Roermond has all the ingredients for a perfect day out in the Netherlands: an historic city centre with dazzling facades (architecture aficionados beware!), streets packed with shops, and the Roerkade quay, where you can enjoy a scrumptious meal on the waterfront. But it's biggest crowd pleaser by far is the Designer Outlet, which attracts around eight million fashion-forward bargain hunters a year from the far corners of the globe.

What’s unique about Roermond?

Roermond is the birthplace of renowned 19th-century architect Pierre Cuypers. His best-known buildings include the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Central Station. Find out more about Cuypers’ copious body of work by visiting his former home and atelier, the Cuypershuis Museum.




Sparkling Sittard

Evidence of Sittard's long history is everywhere. Soaring church facades and half-timbered buildings surround the historic market square, one of the most inviting parts of town. One of the best ways to explore Sittard is to walk along the old city walls. Some three quarters have been preserved, much more than in many other Dutch towns. Go on a self-guided tour to discover the secrets of the medieval city walls. Or explore Sittard’s surprisingly varied range of boutiques, speciality shops, outdoor markets and retail chains!

What’s unique about Sittard?

Sittard’s exquisite gardens are its best-kept secret. They’re tucked away all around the historic city centre, if you know where to look. Each one is lovelier than the next and all have their own unique history. Couples and families will enjoy visiting them one-by-one. See this website to discover these hidden treasures.



Hip Heerlen

Heerlen is hip and gritty. The town suffered hard times after the coal mines shut down in the seventies, but it bounced back and today it’s bursting with energy. Heerlen is tearing down the old, building up the new, and constantly evolving. Never a dull moment! Admire its startling architectural treasures, such as the innovative Glaspaleis (1935) or the exciting new Maankwartier, which opened in 2019. And while Heerlen doesn't brag about it, it's probably the oldest town in the Netherlands. Inspect the evidence at the only Roman-era building in the country open to the public: the ancient thermal baths of the Thermenmuseum.

What’s unique about Heerlen?

Heerlen is the Dutch capital of street art. Colourful murals have transformed hundreds of unsightly walls into a public art gallery that’s open all hours and attracts visitors from around the world. Tip: take a street art tour.

Sphinx kwartier

Glamorous Maastricht

Limburg’s capital has a glamour all its own. Good taste means everything here, whether we're talking fashion, heritage, museums or menus. Stroll through its charming streets, browse in one of the many boutiques and sip wine seated in one of its delightful squares. Even the Dutch flock to Maastricht – it’s one of the most popular city trips in the Netherlands. Be sure to venture into the neighbourhoods beyond the old centre, because the entire city is worth exploring.

What’s unique about Maastricht?

One of those neighbourhoods – the ‘newest’ in fact – is the Sphinxkwartier. Old industrial buildings have been repurposed and given a new lease of life here. Catch a film at Lumière, hear contemporary music at De Muziekgieterij and visit the iconic Eiffel Building with its ‘bold’ rooftop bar.


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