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On the road with your horse: unique equestrian routes in Limburg

Gepubliceerd op: 18 October 2022

On the road with your horse: unique equestrian routes in Limburg

On the road with your most loyal four-legged friend? You are more than welcome in Limburg. There are beautiful bridle paths set out throughout the province through the most beautiful natural areas. You can discover the area in a relaxed and safe manner on one of the many equestrian routes.

We have listed the best equestrian routes spread across the entire province for you. There are many ways to discover an environment, but real riders and amazons prefer to take a nice ride with their horse. From Horst to Meerssen, we give you inspiration for your next ride here.

Riders in the woods

Tour of Diepeling in Horst

Length 22 kilometers

Through the forest, along the water and over the heath full of small fens, this equestrian route is incredibly varied and introduces you to the beautiful and untouched nature of North Limburg. The route is not indicated separately, but is very easy to follow via junctions.

Rider with sunset

Equestrian route Californië

Length 20 kilometers

Horseback riding in California is possible in Limburg! This equestrian route starts at Herberg De Lindehoeve in Grubbenvorst where you and your horse are pampered. There are many bridleways here on which several riding routes have been set out, so this is also an option for a stay of several days for you and your horse. A tour of California takes you through a typical North Limburg environment: past a mushroom farm, glasshouse horticulture, woodland and the Floriade site from 2012.

Riders in nature reserve

Equestrian route Roerdalen (cultural route)

Length 26 kilometers

Not only sniffing fresh air, but also a bit of culture: that is possible during this equestrian route that starts in Montfort, Central Limburg. With your horse you canter through beautiful forests and past old farms. Cultural highlights include Montfort Castle and the Basilica of St. Odiliënberg. The route is part of a larger equestrian and driving network, so you can easily adjust the route of your outdoor ride yourself.

Riders in South Limburg

Equestrian route 03 Nuth Wijnandsrade-Hulsberg

Length 15 kilometers

In South Limburg, the area around Nuth is well equipped to enjoy equestrian sport. Nuth is known as a real equestrian community for a reason. Manege De Blauwe Steen is a great base for a nice ride outside and also the starting point of this route. In this environment, the rolling hills of South Limburg are starting to take shape and you and your horse are treated to amazing views along the way.

Horseback riding among the greenery

Meerssen route 05

Length 13 kilometers

All the way in the south of Limburg it is also a good place to stay with your horse. You will discover a very special part of South Limburg with idyllic villages such as Geulle and Bunde and the enchanting forests that lie in between. You can also trot along the Juliana Canal! Your starting point is Stal Waterfall, where you can immediately improve your riding skills during a dressage lesson. More? The route is easily connected to the extensive equestrian network around Nuth.

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