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From roller coaster to pirate ship: The 3 best amusement parks in Limburg

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022

From roller coaster to pirate ship: The 3 best amusement parks in Limburg

Nothing beats taking your kids to an amusement park and Limburg can offer plenty of excitement on that score as well. There’s something for everyone, whether you love roller coasters, pirate ships or bobsleigh rides. But which parks are the most fun? Here are our top 3 amusement parks in Limburg.

1. Toverland (Sevenum)

Toverland is a vast, partly covered amusement park in Sevenum (north Limburg). There are no less than 36 attractions, various theme worlds and a playground. The biggest attraction is Troy, a 31-metre-high wooden roller coaster with a track measuring more than a kilometre in length. Looking for something a little less extreme? Then try the spinning teacups in Land van Toos or climb the towers in Wunderwald. Toverland is the most spectacular all-round amusement park in Limburg. If you love thrills, adventure and rides, you won't want to miss Toverland on your trip to Limburg.

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Adventures big and small
  • Huge number of attractions

Address: Toverlaan 2, NL-5975 MR Sevenum, The Netherlands

Speelpark Klein Zwitserland

2. Speelpark Klein Zwitserland

Want to treat the kids to a fun but affordable day out? Then visit Klein Zwitserland (north Limburg).Are you up for the challenge? In the tough and exciting Adventure Forest you can fully indulge yourself. Build your own tree house, storm the Roman fortress and clamber over fallen trees. Crawl through subterranean tunnels and sneak across narrow paths. The height differences in the landscape provide an exciting environment to romp around. At the water playground you have the chance to find a million-year-old fossil.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good for all ages

Adres: Verlengde Trappistenweg 35, 5932 ND Tegelen

Mondo Verde

3. Mondo Verde (Landgraaf)

Where can you find a zoo, world gardens and amusement rides all rolled into one? At Mondo Verde in Landgraaf (south Limburg). The zoo features tigers, lions, camels, meercats and a genuine monkey island. The numerous rides are family-oriented and include white water rapids, bumper cars, a small roller coaster, climbing ropes and bouncy castles. There’s something for everyone here! And have we mentioned the gardens? Take a leisurely stroll around the world and enjoy tropical, Japanese, English and Moroccan gardens.

  • Zoo, amusement park and world gardens all rolled into one
  • Relaxing
  • Fun for the whole family

Location: Groene Wereld 10, NL-6372 PW Landgraaf, The Netherlands