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These are the best places to shop in Limburg

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022
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These are the best places to shop in Limburg

Amsterdam, Utrecht or Rotterdam…? Forget the Randstad, avoid the crowds and come and enjoy some shopping in Limburg. That is pure fun with a soft g. The range of shops is wide, just like the opening hours and you can also count on a cozy atmosphere and, when the weather is possible, take a Burgundian break with a delicious lunch or a well-deserved coffee break. Are you a real bargain hunter? One of the largest designer outlets is located in the middle of Limburg…

Shopping in Limburg is very diverse. Can't get enough of brands and discounts? Then visit the Designer Outlet Roermond. Do you want to shop at large chains and chic shops in the decor of a historic city center? Then plan your city trip to Maastricht. Doesn't it all have to be so big, but does it have to be personal and on a level? Be surprised in   Valkenburg. Shopping with all the trimmings in North Limburg? Discover Venlo. Is your wardrobe overflowing and is it your home that could use a makeover? Then load your car at Woonboulevard Heerlen. Would you like to know more about the best places to shop in Limburg? Then read on quickly!

Designer Outlet Roermond

Designer Outlet Roermond

One of the biggest crowd pullers in the Netherlands (!) is the Designer Outlet in Roermond: a dream come true for the avid fashionista. It is a city within a city: 200 shops of the biggest brands that offer their fashion at discounted prices. 

Visitors come from all over the world to shop here. Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Armani: all the great ones are present. Be surprised by beautiful brands that you did not know yet, spoil yourself inside one of the restaurants and if you get the chance: walk into the center of Roermond, because you can also shop extensively here.


Shopping in Maastricht

Maastricht: the shopping city of Limburg

Great shopping in the big city, but then like nowhere else. De Grote Staat, cozy squares and squares full of boutiques and terraces, the chic Stokstraat quarter, the two covered shopping centers Entre Deux and Mosae Forum and the hiptest district Wyck.

Maastricht is one of the nicest cities for shopping in the Netherlands. There is so much to discover that one day isn't enough. Make it a decent city trip right away and also enjoy Maastricht by night, the culinary delights and nightlife of the city.

Surprising Valkenburg

Surprising Valkenburg

You may not immediately think of it, but you can enjoy shopping in Valkenburg. Due to tourism, the shops are open almost every day, in any case it is Sunday shopping every Sunday. Surprisingly, there are many small boutiques, where passionate entrepreneurs give you personal attention while shopping. There are beautiful shops if you want to shop for fashion, home accessories, regional products and gifts. Of course the historic city center of Valkenburg guarantees a genuine holiday feeling.


Versatile Venlo

Venlo is the shopping city of North Limburg. With the brand new Maasboulevard, the city center now has everything a shopkeeper could wish for. Large chains and brands in a brand new center along the Maas and small boutiques and specialty stores in the historic city center. In between you will find nice cafes and other nice places for a break while shopping. Unique to Venlo is that the proximity to neighboring Germany is clearly noticeable, also in the range of shops.

Shopping in Heerlen

Home Shopping in Heerlen

With a super convenient location on the motorway, you can easily reach the largest residential boulevard in Europe. Ideal for that new, large walk-in closet after all that shopping in Limburg… But also if you want to give your bedroom, living room, attic, kitchen or even your garden a makeover, you will find everything you want here: building materials, kitchens, floors, furniture, wall paint, home accessories... The nice thing about Living Boulevard Heerlen is that you also get mountains of inspiration there, the living ideas are there for the taking. Realizing these dreams can be done right away in the same place!

Now that you know the best places to shop in Limburg, you can immediately plan a trip. What will it be? Roermond, Maastricht, Valkenburg, Venlo, Heerlen or another place? Share your ultimate shopping day in Limburg with #inLimburg and surprise us with your shopping secrets.