Beautiful view in Limburg

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Beautiful view in Limburg, this is the place to be

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022

Here you have a really nice view in Limburg

Sometimes a nice view is all you need to make your day complete. There is really nowhere better to enjoy a vast panoramic view than in Limburg. The hills naturally lend a hand to achieve the most beautiful views in the Netherlands. Look out over a rolling hilly landscape, forests, heathland, endless ponds and the one and only 'canyon' in the Netherlands. Here you have a really nice view in Limburg:

Mookerschans view

View from the Mookerschans

The Mookerschans is a former fortification and this redoubt was probably built in the 2nd half of the 17th century as a square and measures 70 by 70 metres. The redoubt is now located in a wooded area, but previously there was an unobstructed view from the Mookerschans and the Heumense redoubt of the lower Maas valley. You can also view this area well from the watchtower on the Mookerschans and walk there, for example, the Twee Schansenroute of 5 kilometers.

Maasplassen view

View over the Maasplassen

You have the most beautiful views on and over the water. Now we don't have a sea in Limburg, but what you may not know is that the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands is located in Central Limburg. De Maasplassen is a young nature reserve that was created after the extraction of gravel next to the Meuse. Now you can enjoy it on or by the water. You can enjoy the most beautiful views during a cruise on the Maasplassen or another water activity. That is also possible from one of the many terraces.

Heuvelland view

View over the Heuvelland (from a surprising place!)

If you look over the rolling landscape from the vantage point of Huls, you will understand why this is called the gate of the Heuvelland and why the Romans settled here two thousand years ago: what a place! All kinds of walking and cycling routes leave from the lookout point with picnic area, of which we heartily recommend this walking route.



View from the Sint-Pietersberg

The Sint-Pietersberg nature reserve is full of surprises. It is just in the Netherlands, near Maastricht. What dominates is the ENCI quarry, a former limestone quarry of the cement industry, which was returned to nature years ago. It used to be the home of real dinosaurs, now the eagle owl lives here together with other rare flora and fauna. There is also a fortress, there are caves, but above all there is that great viewpoint over the only 'canyon' in the Netherlands. Recommended, for the real adventurer; a good condition, good footwear is necessary for the tough walk of 7 kilometers.

Vaalserberg view

View over three countries

You only have that view in Vaals at the Drielandenpunt. Here the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany come together on top of the Vaalserberg (322m). Add another 34 meters on top of that and you are on the Wilhelmintoren. We don't need to tell you that this view is unparalleled. This observation tower is not suitable for people with a fear of heights, because the Skywalk - the viewing platform - is made of glass…


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