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5 restaurants that welcome children

Gepubliceerd op: 13 October 2022

5 restaurants that welcome children

Looking for a family restaurant in Limburg? Whether you’re visiting south, central or north Limburg, there are plenty to choose from. Here’s our list of 6 restaurants that make family dining fun for kids too.

ABC restaurant Sevenum

1. ABC Restaurants Sevenum

Sevenum in north Limburg has a vast Family Entertainment Center. One of the most popular places in this covered complex is ABC Restaurants, a gigantic food paradise that features no less than 11 different national cuisines. From hamburgers to egg rolls and from tacos to spaghetti, you can have it all here. It’s an ideal place to dine out with children.

Location: ABC Restaurants, Midden Peelweg 7, NL-5975 MZ Sevenum, The Netherlands

Aan de Meule

2. Aan de Meule Beek

Aan de Meule in Beek, south Limburg, is perfect for family dining. That’s because this family-friendly restaurant has a large playground with a slide, a climbing frame, a small football pitch and a sandbox. And if all that activity makes the kids hungry, they can choose something special from the extensive menu.

  • Large playground

Location: Schimmerterweg 17, NL-6191 PV Beek, The Netherlands

Playing and eating, at the same time

3. Happy Italy, Kerkrade

This family restaurant is admittedly part of a nation-wide chain, but Happy Italy in Kerkrade, south Limburg, is a great place to take the kids for a meal. Who doesn’t love a freshly made pizza or a delicious bowl of pasta? Even better, kids can add the pizza toppings themselves – a great way to end a children’s party!

  • Add the pizza toppings yourself

Location: Roda JC Ring 2P, NL-6466 NH Kerkrade, The Netherlands

Mareveld Schimmert

4. Mareveld Schimmert


Mareveld in Schimmert, south Limburg, is a lovely place to stop while walking in the Municipality of Beekdaelen, on the edge of the Downs. This family restaurant has a small outdoor playground and an indoor ‘kids cave’ where children can ride bikes, play games or watch videos. Safe, and a lot of fun! The dishes served at Mareveld can best be described as ‘simple pleasures’.

  • Indoor ‘kids cave’

Location: Mareweg 23, NL-6333 BR Schimmert, The Netherlands

Schuttershoeve Weert

5.Schuttershoeve Weert


Like Aan de Meule in Beek, Schuttershoeve in Weert, central Limburg, is a great place to dine out with the family in warm weather. It has a large playground with slides, climbing frames and bouncy castles. There’s outdoor seating right next to the playground, allowing parents to enjoy the sunshine while keeping an eye on their kids. Schuttershoeve also has a large menu especially for children.

  • Large playground with bouncy castles

Location: Grotesteeg 10, NL-6006 TE Weert, The Netherlands