Get away from the hustle and bustle at one of Limburg’s retreat centres

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Get away from the hustle and bustle at one of Limburg’s retreat centres

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022
Meerssen Basiliek

Get away from the hustle and bustle at one of Limburg’s retreat centres

More and more people long to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but where in the Netherlands can you go to find peace of mind? A change of scenery alone can often do wonders. Life is just a bit more relaxed in Limburg than elsewhere. Contemporary reimaginings of its religious heritage and magnificent scenery combine to make it the ideal destination for a retreat. From meditative walks to silent weekends in an old monastery, you’ll find longed-for peace of mind here.

Kloosterdorp Steyl

Kloosterdorp Steyl

South of Venlo in North Limburg is the picturesque monastery village Steyl The Saint Michael mission house was founded by the canonized Arnold Janssen. He started the worldwide missionary movement in 1875, which departed from Steyl to all continents. Come to yourself and be inspired by this spiritual, special place on the Maas in Limburg.

Meerssen basiliek

Basilica of Meerssen

This impressive basilica was built in sections, with no one less than Charlemagne ordering construction of the central nave. The basilica’s grandness is tied to its history as place of pilgrimage, as it was the site of two famous miracles: the Miracle of the Blood (1222, the oldest recorded miracle of the Netherlands) and the Miracle of the Fire (1465). Eager to learn more? Then read about the basilica’s miracles and plan your own pilgrimage.

Klooster Wittem

Wittem Monastery: sanctuary for the soul

What better place to reflect on your life than in a spiritual sanctuary? In the hamlet of Wittem, the monastery, chapel and historic monastic library combine to offer spiritual refuge in the heart of the south Limburg Downs. Pilgrims and those in search of inner peace or a deeper purpose in life may stay in the old monastery. A multifaceted programme will help you on your inner journey. The monastery bookshop is well stocked with spiritual literature.

MERU Vlodrop

Maharishi European Research University

Maharishi European Research University or MERU is located at the heart of De Meinweg National Park. Some 250 people from around the world have come to live on the sprawling campus to study the spiritual laws of nature. Every Sunday there is an inspiring guided tour through the park woodland and buildings, designed in the Vedic architectural tradition. The university offers a wide range of programmes focusing on relaxation, health, residential architecture, agriculture and more.

Bezinningshuis Regina Carmeli in Sittard

Regina Carmeli Retreat House

Are you longing to go on a silent weekend retreat, preferably in a monastery or cloister? Come to the Regina Carmeli Retreat House in Sittard and spend a weekend meditating, attending church services and enjoying the quiet of the lush green surroundings.

Priorij Regina Pacis in Valkenburg

Regina Pacis Priory

The outskirts of Valkenburg is home to Regina Pacis Priory, where the community of Benedictine nuns will welcome you on retreat in their monastery. Overnight visitors may set their own schedule and are welcome to attend prayer services in the visitors’ chapel and make use of the garden and small library. The surrounding countryside is ideal for walking.